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 2022COVID-19 regulations, political Institutions, and the environmentFredriksson, Per G.; Mohanty, Aatishya
2018Culture, legal heritage and the regulation of laborAng, James B.; Fredriksson, Per G.
 2021Does an early start help or hurt? Statehood, institutions and modern climate change policiesAng, James B.; Fredriksson, Per G.
2018State history, legal adaptability and financial developmentAng, James B.; Fredriksson, Per G.
 2017Statehood experience, legal traditions, and climate change policiesAng, James Bengjiunn; Fredriksson, Per G.
 2021Sunlight and CultureFredriksson, Per G.; Mohanty, Aatishya
2017Wheat agriculture and family tiesAng, James; Fredriksson, Per G.