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2012Bacterial rheotaxisMarcos.; Stocker, Roman.; Fu, Henry C.; Powers, Thomas R.
2021Can the mechanoreceptional setae of a feeding-current feeding copepod detect hydrodynamic disturbance induced by entrained free-floating prey?Shen, Xinhui; Yao, Xin; Marcos; Fu, Henry C.
2019How the bending mechanics of setae modulate hydrodynamic sensing in copepodsShen, Xinhui; Marcos; Fu, Henry C.
2017Traction reveals mechanisms of wall effects for microswimmers near boundariesShen, Xinhui; Marcos; Fu, Henry C.
2012The wiggling trajectories of bacteriaHyon, Yunkyong.; Marcos.; Powers, Thomas R.; Stocker, Roman.; Fu, Henry C.