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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Analysis of phase distortion in phase-shifted fringe projectionMiao, Hong; Quan, Chenggen; Tay, Cho Jui; Fu, Yu
2009Color image encryption based on interference and virtual opticsQuan, Chenggen; Tay, Cho Jui; Fu, Yu; Chen, Wen
2008The comparison of different temporal phase analysis algorithms in optical dynamic measurementMiao, Hong; Fu, Yu
 2011Cross-talk prevention in optical dynamic measurementFu, Yu; Guo, Min; Phua, Poh Boon
2015Damage identification by using a self-synchronizing multipoint laser doppler vibrometerMiao, Hong; Zhu, Changchun; Yang, Chong; Fu, Yu; Yuan, Jianmin; Guo, Min; Yan, Keyu; Liu, Huan
2005Determination of curvature and twist by digital shearography and wavelet transformsTay, Cho Jui; Fu, Yu
2004Determination of surface contour by temporal analysis of shadow moiré fringesQuan, Chenggen; Fu, Yu; Tay, Cho Jui
2015Diffusion between glass and metals for optical fiber preform extrusionNair, Dileep Kumar Chakkathara Janardhanan; Zhang, Yilei; Yeo, Felicia Yan Xin; Zhang, Zhifeng
2005Digital image correlation for whole field out-of-plane displacement measurement using a single cameraTay, Cho Jui; Quan, Chenggen; Huang, Yuanhao; Fu, Yu
2015Digital off-axis holography with angular multiplexing and synthetic apertureWang, Zhaomin; Qu, Weijuan; Yang, Fang; Wen, Yongfu; Anand, Asundi
2021A distinct parabrachial-to-lateral hypothalamus circuit for motivational suppression of feeding by nociceptionPhua, Siew Cheng; Tan, Yu Lin; Kok, Alison Maun Yeng; Senol, Esra; Chiam, Christine Jin Hui; Lee, Chun-Yao; Peng, Yanmin; Lim, Auriel Theodora Jacobea; Mohammad, Hasan; Lim, Jing-Xuan; Fu, Yu
2009Dual-wavelength image-plane digital holography for dynamic measurementHennelly, Bryan M.; Groves, Roger M.; Fu, Yu; Pedrini, Giancarlo; Osten, Wolfgang
2008Dynamic measurement of micro-components by image-plane digital holographyFu, Yu; Shi, Hongjian; Quan, Chenggen; Tay, Cho Jui
2015Dynamic measurement via laser interferometry : crystal growth monitoring and modal parameter analysisYang, Chong; Fu, Yu; Zhao, Jing; Miao, Hong; Zhu, Changchun; Zhang, Ping
2015EUV generation by plasmonic field enhancement using nanostructuresHan, Seunghwoi; Kim, Hyunwoong; Kim, Young-Jin; Kim, Seung-Woo
2015A flexible image fiber probe based speckle imaging for extraction of surface features with possible application in intra-cavity inspectionPrasad, A. S. Guru; Matham, Murukeshan Vadakke; Chan, Kelvin H. K.
2006Generalized three-dimensional windowed fourier transform for fringe analysisQian, Kemao; Fu, Yu; Liu, Qi; Seah, Hock Soon; Anand, Asundi
2015Improvement of the pad wear shape in fixed abrasive chemical-mechanical polishing for manufacturing optical componentsNguyen, N. Y.; Tian, Y. B.; Zhong, Z. W.
1997In-situ measurement of the stiffness of the foam layer in foam-adhesive bonded structuresQin, S.; Shang, H. M.; Fu, Yu; Lam, Yee Cheong
2004Instantaneous velocity displacement and contour measurement by use of shadow moiré and temporal wavelet analysisTay, Cho Jui; Quan, Chenggen; Fu, Yu; Huang, Yuanhao