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2022Benefits of a 3-month cycle of weekly virtual museum tours in community dwelling older adults: results of a randomized controlled trialBeauchet, Olivier; Matskiv, Jacqueline; Galery, Kevin; Goossens, Linda; Lafontaine, Constance; Sawchuk, Kim
2020Effects of "Thursdays at the Museum" at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on the mental and physical health of older community dwellers : the art-health randomized clinical trial protocolBeauchet, Olivier; Cooper-Brown, Liam; Hayashi, Yoko; Galery, Kevin; Vilcocq, Christine; Bastien, Thomas
2019Effects of vitamin D and calcium fortified yogurts on gait, cognitive performances, and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in older community-dwelling females : results from the gait, memory, dietary and vitamin D (GAME-D2) randomized controlled trialBeauchet, Olivier; Launay, Cyrille P.; Galery, Kevin; Vilcocq, Christine; Dontot-Payen, Flore; Rousseau, Brigitte; Benoit, Valérie; Allali, Gilles
2022Olfactory identification disorders due to Alzheimer's disease: a new test from France to QuebecPayne, Magali; Manera, Valeria; Robert, Philippe; Vandersteen, Clair; Beauchet, Olivier; Galery, Kevin; Sacco, Guillaume; Fabre, Roxane; Gros, Auriane
2021Prognosis tools for short-term adverse events in older emergency department users : result of a Québec observational prospective cohortLaunay, Cyrille P.; Lubov, Joshua; Galery, Kevin; Vilcocq, Christine; Maubert, Éric; Afilalo, Marc; Beauchet, Olivier
2021Risk for short-term undesirable outcomes in older emergency department users : results of the ER2 observational cohort studyLaunay, Cyrille P.; Galery, Kevin; Vilcocq, Christine; Afilalo, Marc; Beauchet, Olivier