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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20141,2,4,3-Triazaborole-based neutral oxoborane stabilized by a Lewis acidLoh, Ying Kai; Chong, Che Chang; Ganguly, Rakesh; Li, Yongxin; Vidovic, Dragoslav; Kinjo, Rei
20151,3,2,5-Diazadiborinine featuring nucleophilic and electrophilic boron centresWu, Di; Kong, Lingbing; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Kinjo, Rei
 20183-Amino-1,2,4(4H)-oxadiazol-5-one (AOD) and its nitrogen-rich salts: a class of insensitive energetic materialsKumar, Sudheer Ambarkar; Sasidharan, Nimesh; Ganguly, Rakesh; Leow, Dasheng; Hng, Huey Hoon
 2014Activation of a 1-chlorophosphirane complex by aluminum trichloride : generation and trapping of [Fc-P-W(CO)5] (Fc = Ferrocenyl)Ho, Feny; Ganguly, Rakesh; Mathey, François
 2015Acyclic amido-containing silanechalcogenonesChan, Yuk-Chi; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; So, Cheuk-Wai
2017Alkene–Carbene Isomerization induced by Borane: Access to an Asymmetrical DiboreneKinjo, Rei; Lu, Wei; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh
2015Anti-Markovnikov hydroimination of terminal alkynes in gold-catalyzed pyridine construction from ammoniaWang, Liliang; Kong, Lingbing; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Kinjo, Rei
2016Azaborabutadienes: Synthesis by Metal-Free Carboboration of Nitriles and Utility as Building Blocks for B,N-HeterocyclesKong, Lingbing; Lu, Wei; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Kinjo, Rei
2014Binuclear oxidative addition of Sb-Cl bonds : a facile synthetic route to main group transition element clusters and ringsLi, Ying-Zhou; Ganguly, Rakesh; Leong, Weng Kee
2016Bisguanidinium dinuclear oxodiperoxomolybdosulfate ion pair-catalyzed enantioselective sulfoxidationZong, Lili; Wang, Chao; Moeljadi, Adhitya Mangala Putra; Ye, Xinyi; Ganguly, Rakesh; Li, Yongxin; Hirao, Hajime; Tan, Choon-Hong
2014Building a lewis acidic phosphorusTay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Lu, Yunpeng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Frison, Gilles; Ricard, Louis; Vidović, Dragoslav; Carmichael, Duncan
2015C-F bond activation by transient phosphenium dicationsĐorđević, Nemanja; Tay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Muthaiah, Senthilkumar; Ganguly, Rakesh; Dimić, Dušan; Vidović, Dragoslav
 2013A carbone-stabilized two-coordinate phosphorus(III)-centered dicationTay, Madelyn Qin Yi; Lu, Yunpeng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Vidović, Dragoslav
2015Carbon–carbon bond activation of cyclobutenones enabled by the addition of chiral organocatalyst to ketoneLi, Bao-Sheng; Wang, Yuhuang; Jin, Zhichao; Zheng, Pengcheng; Ganguly, Rakesh; Chi, Robin Yonggui
 2013Co(II)-tricarboxylate metal–organic frameworks constructed from solvent-directed assembly for CO2 adsorptionLi, Pei-Zhou; Wang, Xiao-Jun; Li, Yongxin; Zhang, Quan; Tan, Desmond Rong He; Lim, Wei Quan; Ganguly, Rakesh; Zhao, Yanli
2019Cobalt complex of a tetraamido macrocyclic ligand as a precursor for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolutionHo, Xian Liang; Das, Siva Prasad; Ng, Leonard Kia-Sheun; Ng, Andrew Yun Ru; Ganguly, Rakesh; Soo, Han Sen
2013Counterion dependence on the synthetic viability of NHC-stabilized dichloroborenium cationsMuthaiah, Senthilkumar; Do, Dinh Cao Huan; Ganguly, Rakesh; Vidović, Dragoslav
2015Crystal structure of (Z)-1-phenyl-3-styrylundeca-2-en-4,10-diyn-1-olGanguly, Rakesh; Sally; Chan, Philip Wai Hong
2017Crystalline boron-linked tetraaminoethylene radical cationsSu, Yuanting; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Kinjo, Rei
2018C–H activation and nucleophilic substitution in a photochemically generated high valent iron complexLim, Jia Hui; Engelmann, Xenia; Corby, Sacha; Ganguly, Rakesh; Ray, Kallol; Soo, Han Sen