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 2018Barium-catalyzed C–OH/P–H dehydrative cross-coupling for C–P bond constructionWo, Xiangyang; Xie, Peizhong; Fu, Weishan; Gao, Cuiqing; Liu, Yanan; Sun, Zuolian; Loh, Teck-Peng
 2018Direct substitution of secondary and tertiary alcohols to generate sulfones under catalyst- and additive-free conditionsLiu, Yanan; Xie, Peizhong; Sun, Zuolian; Wo, Xiangyang; Gao, Cuiqing; Fu, Weishan; Loh, Teck-Peng
 2020Reciprocal-activation strategy for allylic sulfination with unactivated allylic alcoholsXie, Peizhong; Sun, Zuolian; Li, Shuangshuang; Cai, Xinying; Qiu, Ju; Fu, Weishan; Gao, Cuiqing; Wu, Shisheng; Yang, Xiaobo; Loh, Teck-Peng