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 2012A composite heuristic for the no-wait flow shop schedulingGao, Kaizhou; Bao, Zhenqiang; Suganthan, P. N.
2018Decomposition methods for manufacturing system scheduling : a surveyYang, Fajun; Gao, Kaizhou; Simon, Ian Ware; Zhu, Yuting; Su, Rong
2018Efficient approach to cyclic scheduling of single-arm cluster tools with chamber cleaning operations and wafer residency time constraintYang, Fajun; Wu, Naiqi; Gao, Kaizhou; Zhang, Chunjiang; Zhu, Yuting; Su, Rong; Qiao, Yan
2020Efficient approach to scheduling of transient processes for time-constrained single-arm cluster tools with parallel chambersYang, Fajun; Qiao, Yan; Gao, Kaizhou; Wu, Naiqi; Zhu, Yuting; Ware, Simon Ian; Su, Rong
2018Flexible job-shop rescheduling for new job insertion by using discrete Jaya algorithmGao, Kaizhou; Yang, Fajun; Zhou, MengChu; Pan, Quanke; Suganthan, Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam
2015Meta-heuristics for scheduling flexible job shop problems with constraintsGao, Kaizhou
 2018Traffic light scheduling for pedestrian-vehicle mixed-flow networksZhang, Yi; Gao, Kaizhou; Zhang, Yicheng; Su, Rong
2016A Variable Block Insertion Heuristic for the Blocking Flowshop Scheduling Problem with Total Flowtime CriterionPan, Quan-Ke; Kizilay, Damla; Gao, Kaizhou; Tasgetiren, Mehmet Fatih