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2014Concurrent Single-Label Image Classification and Annotation via Efficient Multi-Layer Group Sparse CodingGao, Shenghua; Chia, Liang-Tien; Tsang, Ivor Wai-Hung; Ren, Zhixiang
2012Improving sparse coding with graph, kernel, and structureGao, Shenghua
 2014Learning Category-Specific Dictionary and Shared Dictionary for Fine-Grained Image CategorizationTsang, Ivor Wai-Hung; Gao, Shenghua; Ma, Yi
2013Region-Based Saliency Detection and Its Application in Object RecognitionRen, Zhixiang; Gao, Shenghua; Chia, Liang-Tien; Tsang, Ivor Wai-Hung
 2012Spatiotemporal saliency detection via sparse representationRen, Zhixiang; Gao, Shenghua; Rajan, Deepu; Chia, Clement Liang-Tien; Huang, Yun