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2015Bactericidal mechanisms revealed for rapid water disinfection by superabsorbent cryogels decorated with silver nanoparticlesFane, Anthony Gordon; Loo, Siew-Leng; Krantz, William B.; Gao, Yiben; Lim, Teik-Thye; Hu, Xiao
 2013Binder-free graphene foams for O2 electrodes of Li-O2 batteriesZhang, Wenyu; Zhu, Jixin; Ang, Huixiang; Zeng, Yi; Xiao, Ni; Gao, Yiben; Liu, Weiling; Hng, Huey Hoon; Yan, Qingyu
2012A facile approach to nanoarchitectured three-dimensional graphene-based Li–Mn–O composite as high-power cathodes for Li-ion batteriesZhang, Wenyu; Zeng, Yi; Xu, Chen; Xiao, Ni; Gao, Yiben; Li, Lain-Jong; Chen, Xiaodong; Hng, Huey Hoon; Yan, Qingyu