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 2018A 2.5-W 40-MHz-bandwidth hybrid supply modulator with 91% peak efficiency, 3-V output swing, and 4-mV output ripple at 3.6-V supplyHe, Huiqiao; Kang, Yang; Ge, Tong; Guo, Linfei; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
20163-state BTL closed-loop PWM Class D amplifiersHe, Huiqiao; Ge, Tong; Guo, Linfei; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2009Analog class D amplifiers : non-linearities and power-efficiencyGe, Tong
 2019A direct battery hookup filterless pulsewidth modulation class D amplifier with >100 dB PSRR for 100 Hz to 1 kHz, 0.005% THD+N and 16 μv NoiseGe, Tong; He, Huiqiao; Guo, Linfei; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2014Fully printed electronics on flexible substrates : high gain amplifiers and DACChang, Joseph Sylvester; Zhang, Xi; Ge, Tong; Zhou, Jia
2015Fully-Additive Printed Electronics: Transistor model, process variation and fundamental circuit designsZhang, Xi; Ge, Tong; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2016A high power driver IC for electroluminescent panel: design challenges and advantages of using the emerging LEES-SMART GAN-on-CMOS processJia, Zhou; Ge, Tong; Guo, Linfei; Eileen, Ng Pei Jian; He, Huiqiao; Chang, Joseph
2008Modeling and technique to improve PSRR and PS-IMD in analog PWM class-D amplifiersGe, Tong; Chang, Joseph Sylvester