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2012Characterization of SMAD3 function in skeletal muscle growthGe, Xiaojia
 2015Inactivation of PPARβ/δ adversely affects satellite cells and reduces postnatal myogenesisChandrashekar, Preeti; Manickam, Ravikumar; Ge, Xiaojia; Bonala, Sabeera; McFarlane, Craig; Sharma, Mridula; Wahli, Walter; Kambadur, Ravi
 2012Inhibition of myostatin protects against diet-induced obesity by enhancing fatty acid oxidation and promoting a brown adipose phenotype in miceGluckman, Peter D.; Zhang, C.; Masuda, S.; Kambadur, R.; McFarlane, Craig; Lokireddy, Sudarsanareddy; Ge, Xiaojia; Sharma, Mridula
2017Irisin is a pro-myogenic factor that induces skeletal muscle hypertrophy and rescues denervation-induced atrophyReza, Musarrat Maisha; Subramaniyam, Nathiya; Sim, Chu Ming; Ge, Xiaojia; Sathiakumar, Durgalakshmi; McFarlane, Craig; Sharma, Mridula; Kambadur, Ravi
2017Irisin treatment improves healing of dystrophic skeletal muscleReza, Musarrat Maisha; Sim, Chu Ming; Subramaniyam, Nathiya; Ge, Xiaojia; Sharma, Mridula; Kambadur, Ravi; McFarlane, Craig
 2012Lack of Smad3 signaling leads to impaired skeletal muscle regenerationSharma, Mridula; McFarlane, Craig; Wahli, Walter; Ge, Xiaojia; Vajjala, Anuradha; Kambadur, Ravi