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 2012Aqueous RAFT polymerization of N-acryloylmorpholine, synthesis of an ABA triblock glycopolymer and study of its self-association behaviorAlbertin, Luca; Wolnik, Anna; Ghadban, Ali
 2012Biohybrid glycopolymer capable of ionotropic gelationGhadban, Ali; Albertin, Luca; Rinaudo, Marguerite; Heyraud, Alain
2015Bioinspired pH and magnetic responsive catechol-functionalized chitosan hydrogels with tunable elastic propertiesGhadban, Ali; Ahmed, Anansa S.; Ping, Yuan; Ramos, Ricardo; Arfin, Najmul; Cantaert, Bram; Ramanujan, Raju Vijayaraghavan; Miserez, Ali
 2011NMR and MS study of the formation of β-D-glucopyranosylamine uronic acid in aqueous solutionGhadban, Ali; Albertin, Luca; Condamine, Eric; Mounguengui, Rédéo W. Moussavou; Heyraud, Alain
 2013RAFT copolymerization of alginate-derived macromonomers - synthesis of a well-defined poly(HEMAm)-graft-(1 4)-α-L-guluronan copolymer capable of ionotropic gelationRinaudo, Marguerite; Ghadban, Ali; Reynaud, Eric; Albertin, Luca
2013Synthesis of glycopolymer architectures by reversible-deactivation radical polymerizationGhadban, Ali; Albertin, Luca
 2011Synthesis of β-d-glucopyranuronosylamine in aqueous solution : kinetic study and synthetic potentialGhadban, Ali; Albertin, Luca; Mounguengui, Rédéo W. Moussavou; Peruchon, Alexandre; Heyraud, Alain