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 2012Automated diagnosis of cardiac health using recurrence quantification analysisNg, Kwan-Hoong; Swapna, Goutham; Krishnan, M. Muthu Rama; Sree, Subbhuraam Vinitha; Ng, Eddie Yin-Kwee; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Ang, Alvin P. C.; Suri, Jasjit S.
 2011Computer-based identification of type 2 diabetic subjects with and without neuropathy using dynamic planter pressure and principal component analysisAcharya, U. Rajendra; Tong, Jasper W. K.; Subbhuraam, Vinitha Sree; Chua, Chua Kuang; Ha, Tan Peck; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Chattopadhyay, Subhagata; Ng, Kwan-Hoong; Suri, Jasjit S.
 2012Diabetes mellitus : enquiry into its medical aspects and bioengineering of its monitoring and regulationAcharya, U. Rajendra; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Nergui, Myagmarbayar; Chattopadhyay, Subhagata; Ng, Eddie Yin-Kwee; Sree, Subbhuraam Vinitha; Tong, Jasper W. K.; Tan, Jen Hong; Meng, Loh Kah; Suri, Jasjit S.
 2012ECG signal generation and heart rate variability signal extraction : signal processing, features detection, and their correlation with cardiac diseasesSwapna, Goutham; Martis, Roshan Joy; Sree, Subbhuraam Vinitha; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Ang, Alvin P. C.
 2012Heart depolarization vector locus cardiogram and its clinical diagnostic applicationsNagenthiran, T.; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Prasad, V. Ramanan.
 2013An integrated diabetic index using heart rate variability signal features for diagnosis of diabetesJanarthanan, Nittiagandhi; Tamura, Toshiyo; Acharya, U. Rajendra; Faust, Oliver; Sree, Subbhuraam Vinitha; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Dua, Sumeet; Joseph, Paul; Ahamed, V. I. Thajudin
 2012Intra-left ventricular flow distributions in diastolic and systolic phases, based on echo velocity flow mapping of normal subjects and heart failure patients, to characterize left ventricular performance outcomes of heart failureLe, Thu-Thao.; Tan, Ru-San.; Huang, Feiqiong.; Zhong, Liang.; Idapalapati, Sridhar.; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.
2005Measures and Indices for Intrinsic Characterization of Cardiac Dysfunction during Filling & Systolic EjectionZhong, Liang; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Lim, Soo Teik; Chua, Siang Jin; Ng, Yin Kwee
 2014Perspective on CFD studies of coronary artery disease lesions and hemodynamics: A reviewZhang, Jun-Mei; Zhong, Liang; Su, Boyang; Wan, Min; Yap, Jinq Shya; Tham, Jasmine P. L.; Chua, Leok Poh; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Tan, Ru San
 2012PREFACERajendra Acharya, U.; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Ng, Eddie Yin-Kwee
 2013A systems approach to cardiac health diagnosisAcharya, U. Rajendra; Faust, Oliver; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Sree, Subbhuraam Vinitha; Alvin, Ang Peng Chuan; Chattopadhyay, Subhagata; Lim, Teik-Cheng; Ng, Eddie Yin-Kwee; Yu, Wenwei