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2014Chalcogenide microfiber photonic synapsesGholipour, B.; Bastock, P.; Khan, K.; Craig, C.; Hewak, D. W.; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Soci, Cesare
2014Electrical properties of amorphous chalcogenide/silicon heterojunctions modified by ion implantationHewak, Dan W.; Fedorenko, Yanina G.; Lee, Tae-Hoon; Hughes, Mark A.; Colaux, Julien L.; Jeynes, C.; Gwilliam, Russell M.; Homewood, Kevin P.; Yao, Jin; Elliott, Stephen R.; Gholipour, B.; Curry, Richard J.
2021Photonic implementation of artificial synapses in ultrafast laser inscribed waveguides in chalcogenide glassRamos, Maria; Bharadwaj, V.; Sotillo, B.; Gholipour, B.; Giakoumaki, A. N.; Ramponi, R.; Eaton, S. M.; Soci, Cesare
2017Reconfigurable phase-change photomask for grayscale photolithographyWang, Q.; Yuan, Guanghui; Kiang, K. S.; Sun, K.; Gholipour, B.; Rogers, E. T. F.; Huang, K.; Ang, S. S.; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Teng, J. H.