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2020Associations of social isolation with anxiety and depression during the early COVID-19 pandemic : a survey of older adults in London, UKRobb, Catherine E.; de Jager, Celeste A.; Ahmadi-Abhari, Sara; Giannakopoulou, Parthenia; Udeh-Momoh, Chinedu; McKeand, James; Price, Geraint; Car, Josip; Majeed, Azeem; Ward, Helen; Middleton, Lefkos
2021Health, lifestyle, and psycho-social determinants of poor sleep quality during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic : a focus on UK older adults deemed clinically extremely vulnerableUdeh-Momoh, Chinedu T,; Watermeyer, Tamlyn; Sindi, Shireen; Giannakopoulou, Parthenia; Robb, Catherine E.; Ahmadi-Abhari, Sara; Zheng, Bang; Waheed, Amina; McKeand, James; Salman, David; Beaney, Thomas; de Jager Loots, Celeste A.; Price, Geraint; Atchison, Christina; Car, Josip; Majeed, Azeem; McGregor, Alison H.; Kivipelto, Miia; Ward, Helen; Middleton, Lefkos T.
2021Protocol of the cognitive health in ageing register : investigational, observational and trial studies in dementia research (CHARIOT) : prospective readiness cOhort (PRO) SubStudyUdeh-Momoh, Chinedu T.; Watermeyer, Tamlyn; Price, Geraint; de Jager Loots, Celeste A.; Reglinska-Matveyev, Natalia; Ropacki, Michael; Ketter, Nzeera; Fogle, Michael; Raghavan, Nandini; Arrighi, Michael; Brashear, Robert; Di, Jianing; Baker, Susan; Giannakopoulou, Parthenia; Robb, Catherine; Bassil, Darina; Cohn, Martin; McLellan-Young, Heather; Crispin, Jennifier; Lakey, Kristina; Lisa, Curry; Chowdary Seemulamoodi, Yellappa; Kafetsouli, Dimitra; Perera, Dinithi; Car, Josip; Majeed, Azeem; Ward, Heather; Ritchie, Karen; Perneczky, Robert; Kivipelto, Miia; Scott, David; Bracoud, Luc; Saad, Ziad; Novak, Gerald; Ritchie, Craig W.; Middleton, Lefkos