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2015Degassing during quiescence as a trigger of magma ascent and volcanic eruptionsGirona, Társilo; Costa, Fidel; Schubert, Gerald
2013DIPRA : a user-friendly program to model multi-element diffusion in olivine with applications to timescales of magmatic processesGirona, Társilo; Costa, Fidel
2015Fractal degassing from Erebus and Mayon volcanoes revealed by a new method to monitor H2O emission cyclesAggangan, Brian; Costa, Fidel; Taisne, Benoit; Ildefonso, Sorvigenaleon; Girona, Társilo
2014On depressurization of volcanic magma reservoirs by passive degassingNewhall, Chris; Taisne, Benoit; Girona, Társilo; Costa, Fidel
2015On the dynamics of persistently degassing volcanoes from new physics-based approachesGirona, Társilo