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 2013Ambient fabrication of large-area graphene films via a synchronous reduction and assembly strategyCao, Xuebo; Qi, Dianpeng; Yin, Shengyan; Bu, Jing; Li, Fengji; Goh, Chin Foo; Zhang, Sam; Chen, Xiaodong
2007Anisotropic conductive adhesive for micro joining in semiconductor interconnects application (solder alternative for fine pitch & environment friendly IC packaging)Goh, Chin Foo
 2012Development of piezoelectric diaphragm pumpLi, Tao; Goh, Chin Foo; Ma, Jan
 2009Facile “Needle-Scratching” method for fast catalyst patterns used for large-scale growth of densely aligned single-walled carbon-nanotube arraysLi, Bing; Cao, Xiehong; Huang, Xiao; Goh, Chin Foo; Lu, Gang; Huang, Yizhong; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Zhang, Hua
 2012Mechanical properties of AlCrTiSiN coatings developed by cathodic arc for protection applicationsPanich, Nurot; Surinphong, Surasak; Tan, Yong Kwang; Goh, Chin Foo; Ma, Jan; Karpov, D. A.
 2008Patterning colloidal metal nanoparticles for controlled growth of carbon nanotubesLi, Bing; Goh, Chin Foo; Zhou, Xiaozhu; Lu, Gang; Tantang, Hosea; Chen, Yanhong; Xue, Can; Zhang, Hua; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang