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2002Development of an integrated multiple base station infrastructure to support concurrent high precision differential GPS positioningLaw, Choi Look; Goh, Pong Chai; Hu, Guorong; Khoo, Victor Hock Soon
2002ENC translatorZhang, Xiaoguo; Goh, Pong Chai
1994Feasibility of using global positioning system to modernize and densify the geodetic network in SingaporeGoh, Pong Chai; Aw, York Bin
2002Low-cost, high-accuracy GPS positioning system utilising multiple base station networkTeo, Swee Tiong.
2003Precision positioning and identification systemLaw, Choi Look; Chua, Hock Chuan; Guan, Yong Liang; Goh, Pong Chai; Ling, Keck Voon; Soong, Boon Hee; Nagarajan, Narayanaswamy
1996Traffic planning using geo-processing techniquesSim, Nyap Fong.