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2015Gain-scheduled extended Kalman filter for nanosatellite attitude determination systemPham, Minh Duc; Low, Kay Soon; Goh, Shu Ting; Chen, Shoushun
2015LEO satellite formation for SSP : energy and doppler analysisGoh, Shu Ting; Zekavat, Seyed Alireza; Abdelkhalik, Ossama
2014An optimization method for nano-satellite and pico-satellite separation through a two mass-one spring systemLau, Zirui; Low, Kay Soon; Goh, Shu Ting
 2018A photovoltaic model based method to monitor solar array degradation on-board a microsatelliteSoon, Jing Jun; Chia, Jiun Wei; Aung, Htet; Lew, Jia Min; Goh, Shu Ting; Low, Kay-Soon
2010Spacecraft relative attitude determinationGoh, Shu Ting; Passerello, Chris E; Abdelkhalik, Ossama
2015State-of-charge estimation of lithium-ion battery using square root spherical unscented kalman filter (Sqrt-UKFST) in nanosatelliteAung, Htet; Low, Kay Soon; Goh, Shu Ting
2016Swarm Intelligence Based Particle Filter for Alternating Talker Localization and Tracking Using Microphone ArraysGoh, Shu Ting; Wu, Kai; Reju, Vaninirappuputhenpurayil Gopalan; Khong, Andy Wai Hoong