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2012Exploiting parallelism by data dependency elimination : a case study of circuit simulation algorithmsWu, Wei; Gong, Fang; Krishnan, Rahul; Yu, Hao; He, Lei
2010A fast non-Monte-Carlo yield analysis and optimization by stochastic orthogonal polynomialsTan, Sheldon X. D.; Ren, Junyan; He, Lei; Gong, Fang; Liu, Xuexin; Yu, Hao
2011A parallel and incremental extraction of variational capacitance with stochastic geometric momentsGong, Fang; Yu, Hao; Wang, Lingli; He, Lei
 2012SPECO : stochastic perturbation based clock tree optimization considering temperature uncertaintyBasir-Kazeruni, Sina; Yu, Hao; Gong, Fang; Hu, Yu; Liu, Chunchen; He, Lei
2012Stochastic behavioral modeling and analysis for analog/mixed-signal circuitsGong, Fang; Basir-Kazeruni, Sina; He, Lei; Yu, Hao
2013Variability-aware parametric yield estimation for analog/mixed-signal circuits : concepts, algorithms and challengesGong, Fang; Shi, Yiyu; Yu, Hao; He, Lei
2014Variability-aware parametric yield estimation for analog/mixed-signal circuits : concepts, algorithms, and challengesShi, Yiyu; He, Lei; Yu, Hao; Gong, Fang