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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000A bimetallic thin film actuated micro liquid delivery system (LDS)Chen, Mei Ma.
2012Bio robotics for life science applicationsChua, Chee Ming.
2012Design and development of biochip applicationWang, Guo Liang
2013Design, construction and characterization of a microfluidic chipAbdul Rashid Basiron
2011Development of a micro flow control systemMuhamad Rashid Mustafa.
2013Development of a micro flow control systemLee, Zi Qi.
2012Development of a micro flow control systemTee, Yi Fei.
2016Development of micro flow control systemLim, Zhi Jun
2007Electrochemical detection study of DNATeh, Huey Fang
2016Evaluation of paper spray mass spectrometry for direct analysis of small molecule drugs and hemoglobin constant spring peptide markersTakyi-Williams, John
2004An experimental investigation of the continuous separation of human blood for virus detection using fluidic channelsTang, Kum Cheong.
2011An experimental investigation of the solar still systemLu, Changzhi.
2016An experimental investigation on CTCs transfer methods using glass capiliary tube and magnetic rodZhe Ning, Oh; Oh, Zhe Ning
2014Experimental investigation on working of PCR chipAhluwalia Kunal
2012Fabrication and characterization of micro/nano filter for isolation of waterborne pathogensMajid Ebrahimi Warkiani
 2012Fluorescence-profile pre-definable quantum-dot barcodes in liquid-core microcapsulesWu, Bo; Gong Haiqing, Thomas
2009Formation of segmented fluid train and related microfluidic chip fabricationChan, Kin Wai.
 2013A high-throughput microfluidic biochip to quantify bacterial adhesion to single host cells by real-time PCR assayZhang, Rui; Gong Haiqing, Thomas; Zeng, Xu Dong; Sze, Chun Chau
2010An integrated microfludic chip with continuous flow centrifugation for sample concentration, particle collestion and particle transportSun, Hui
2014Investigation of a microfluidic device and instrument control for biological cell and DNA samplesGoh, Say Eng