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 2015Development of a protein nanoparticle platform for targeting EGFR expressing cancer cellsBuecheler, Jakob W.; Howard, Christopher B.; de Bakker, Christopher J.; Goodall, Stephen; Jones, Martina L.; Win, Thinzar; Peng, Tao; Tan, Cher Heng; Chopra, Akhil; Mahler, Stephen M.; Lim, Sierin
2016Probiotics [LGG-BB12 or RC14-GR1] versus placebo as prophylaxis for urinary tract infection in persons with spinal cord injury [ProSCIUTTU]: a study protocol for a randomised controlled trialLee, Bonsan Bonne; Toh, Swee-Ling; Ryan, Suzanne; Simpson, Judy M.; Clezy, Kate; Bossa, Laetitia; Rice, Scott A.; Marial, Obaydullah; Weber, Gerard; Kaur, Jasbeer; Boswell-Ruys, Claire; Goodall, Stephen; Middleton, James; Tudehope, Mark; Kotsiou, George