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2015Coupled domain wall oscillations in magnetic cylindrical nanowiresMurapaka, Chandrasekhar; Goolaup, S.; Purnama, I.; Lew, W. S.
2014Depinning assisted by domain wall deformation in cylindrical NiFe nanowiresChandra Sekhar, M.; Goolaup, S.; Purnama, I.; Lew, W. S.
2019Geometrically tailored skyrmions at zero magnetic field in multilayered nanostructuresHo, Pin; Goolaup, S.; Soumyanarayanan, Anjan; Panagopoulos, Christos; Tan, Anthony K. C.; Huang, L. S.; Gonzalez Oyarce, A. L.; Raju, Masapogu
2014Investigation of dominant spin wave modes by domain walls collisionGoolaup, S.; Ramu, M.; Purnama, I.; Chandra Sekhar, M.; Lew, W. S.