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2013Analytical and numerical study of uncorrelated disorder on a honeycomb latticeLee, Kean Loon; Grémaud, Benoît; Miniatura, Christian; Delande, Dominique
2015Berry curvature of interacting bosons in a honeycomb latticeLi, Yun; Sengupta, Pinaki; Batrouni, George G.; Miniatura, Christian; Grémaud, Benoît
2014Dynamics of localized waves in one-dimensional random potentials : statistical theory of the coherent forward scattering peakLee, Kean Loon; Miniatura, Christian; Grémaud, Benoît
2015Half-skyrmion and vortex-antivortex pairs in spinor condensatesHu, Yu-Xin; Miniatura, Christian; Grémaud, Benoît
2014Momentum-space dynamics of Dirac quasiparticles in correlated random potentials : interplay between dynamical and Berry phasesLee, Kean Loon; Grémaud, Benoît; Miniatura, Christian
2018Non-Abelian adiabatic geometric transformations in a cold strontium gasLeroux, Frederic; Miniatura, Christian; Grémaud, Benoît; Wilkowski, David; Rebhi, Riadh; Pandey, K.; Chevy, F.
2012Superfluid fountain effect in a Bose-Einstein condensateKarpiuk, Tomasz; Grémaud, Benoît; Miniatura, Christian; Gajda, Mariusz
2015Triangular and honeycomb lattices of cold atoms in optical cavitiesSafaei, Shabnam; Miniatura, Christian; Grémaud, Benoît
2014U(3) artificial gauge fields for cold atomsHu, Yu-Xin; Miniatura, Christian; Wilkowski, David; Grémaud, Benoît