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 2011Comprehensive experimental studies of early-stage membrane scaling during nanofiltrationBright, Victor M.; Krantz, William B.; Greenberg, Alan R.; Cobry, Keith D.; Yuan, Zhi.; Gilron, Jack.
 2010Dry-casting : computer simulation, sensitivity analysis, experimental and phenomenological model studiesKrantz, William B.; Greenberg, Alan R.; Hellman, Diana J.
2012Effects of concentration polarization, temperature and pressure on ultrasound detection of inorganic fouling and cleaning in a spiral-wound membrane moduleChai, G. Y.; Zhao, G. Y.; Greenberg, Alan R.; Krantz, William B.; Cao, Bing
 2013Evapoporometry : a novel technique for determining the pore-size distribution of membranesKrantz, William B.; Greenberg, Alan R.; Kujundzic, Elmira.; Yeo, Adrian.; Hosseini, Seyed S.
 2010Poly(ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) membrane formation via thermally induced phase separation (TIPS)Roh, Il Juhn.; Ramaswamy, Senthilkumar.; Krantz, William B.; Greenberg, Alan R.