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2018Anxiety and depression in patients with end-stage renal disease : impact and management challenges - a narrative reviewGoh, Zhong Sheng; Griva, Konstadina
 2018Beyond the fear that lingers : the interaction between fear of cancer recurrence and rumination in relation to depression and anxiety symptomsLiu, Jianlin; Peh, Chao-Xu; Simard, Sébastien; Griva, Konstadina; Mahendran, Rathi
2019The combined diabetes and renal control trial (C-DIRECT) - a feasibility randomised controlled trial to evaluate outcomes in multi-morbid patients with diabetes and on dialysis using a mixed methods approachGriva, Konstadina; Rajeswari, M.; Nandakumar, M.; Khoo, E. Y. H.; Lee, V. Y. W.; Chua, C. G.; Choong, Y. T. D.; Newman, S. P.; Goh, Zhong Sheng
2020Creating a smartphone app for caregivers of children with atopic dermatitis with caregivers, health care professionals, and digital health experts : participatory co-designXu, Xiaomeng; Griva, Konstadina; Koh, Mark Jean Aan; Lum, Elaine; Tan, Woan Shin; Thng, Steven; Car, Josip
 2018The effect of brief self-management intervention for hemodialysis patients (HED-SMART) on trajectories of depressive and anxious symptomsGriva, Konstadina; Lam, Kevin Fu Yuan; Nandakumar, Mooppil; Ng, Jo-an Huijuan; McBain, Hayley; Newman, Stanton P.
 2019Evaluating burden and quality of life among caregivers of patients receiving peritoneal dialysisKang, Augustine; Yu, Zhenli; Foo, Marjorie; Chan, Choong Meng; Griva, Konstadina
2021Managing cancer in context of pandemic : a qualitative study to explore the emotional and behavioural responses of patients with cancer and their caregivers to COVID-19Chia, Jace Ming Xuan; Goh, Zack Zhong Sheng; Chua, Zi Yang; Ng, Kennedy Yao Yi; Ishak, Diana; Fung, Si Ming; Ngeow, Joanne Yuen Yie; Griva, Konstadina
2020Patient-related barriers to timely dialysis access preparation : a qualitative study of the perspectives of patients, family members, and health care providersGriva, Konstadina; Seow, Pei Shing; Seow, Terina Ying-Ying; Goh, Zhong Sheng; Choo, Jason Chon Jun; Foo, Marjorie; Newman, Stanton