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 2018Fabrication of multicomponent, spatially segregated DNA and protein-functionalized supported membrane microarrayKabir H. Biswas; Cho, Nam-Joon; Groves, Jay T.
 2019Hybrid live cell–supported membrane interfaces for signaling studiesBiswas, Kabir H.; Groves, Jay T.
 2017Interfacial forces dictate the pathway of phospholipid vesicle adsorption onto silicon dioxide surfacesBiswas, Kabir Hassan; Jackman, Joshua Alexander; Park, Jae Hyeon; Groves, Jay T.; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2018Membrane reconstitution of monoamine oxidase enzymes on supported lipid bilayersWang, Liulin; Kabir H. Biswas; Yoon, Bo Kyeong; Kawakami, Lisa M.; Park, Soohyun; Groves, Jay T.; Li, Lin; Huang, Wei; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2019A molecular assembly phase transition and kinetic proofreading modulate Ras activation by SOSHuang, William Y. C.; Alvarez, Steven; Kondo, Yasushi; Lee, Young Kwang; Chung, Jean K.; Lam, Hiu Yue Monatrice; Biswas, Kabir Hassan; Kuriyan, John; Groves, Jay T.
 2018Multicomponent supported membrane microarray for monitoring spatially resolved cellular signaling reactionsBiswas, Kabir H.; Chen, Zhongwen; Dubey, Alok Kumar; Oh, Dongmyung; Groves, Jay T.