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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The challenges of mainstream deammonification process for municipal used water treatmentXu, Guangjing; Zhou, Yan; Yang, Qin; Lee, Zarraz May-Ping; Gu, Jun; Lay, Winson; Cao, Yeshi; Liu, Yu
2016COD capture : a feasible option towards energy self-sufficient domestic wastewater treatmentWan, Junfeng; Gu, Jun; Zhao, Qian; Liu, Yu
2014Depth extension and sidelobe suppression in optical coherence tomography using pupil filtersGu, Jun; Cui, Dongyao; Wu, Junying; Yu, Xiaojun; Liu, Xinyu; Liu, Linbo
2014Dual spectrometer system with spectral compounding for 1-μm optical coherence tomography in vivoCui, Dongyao; Liu, Xinyu; Zhang, Jing; Yu, Xiaojun; Ding, Sun; Luo, Yuemei; Gu, Jun; Shum, Ping; Liu, Linbo
 2018Energy self-sufficient biological municipal wastewater reclamation : present status, challenges and solutions forwardLiu, Ya-Juan; Gu, Jun; Liu, Yu
2015Enhancement of early cervical cancer diagnosis with epithelial layer analysis of fluorescence lifetime imagesGu, Jun; Fu, Chit Yaw; Ng, Beng Koon; Liu, Lin Bo; Lim-Tan, Soo Kim; Lee, Caroline Guat Lay
 2018Evaluation of anaerobic digestion of food waste and waste activated sludge : soluble COD versus its chemical compositionMa, Yingqun; Gu, Jun; Liu, Yu
2015Gravity-driven membrane filtration as pretreatment for seawater reverse osmosis : linking biofouling layer morphology with flux stabilizationAkhondi, Ebrahim; Wu, Bing; Sun, Shuyang; Marxer, Brigit; Lim, Weikang; Gu, Jun; Liu, Linbo; Burkhardt, Michael; McDougald, Diane; Pronk, Wouter; Fane, Anthony G.
 2019Integrated upflow anaerobic fixed-bed and single-stage step-feed process for mainstream deammonification : a step further towards sustainable municipal wastewater reclamationGu, Jun; Zhang, Meng; Wang, Siyu; Liu, Yu
2014Investigation of fluorescence lifetime imaging for quantitative cervical cancer screening and diagnosisGu, Jun
 2018Mainstream anammox in a novel A-2B process for energy-efficient municipal wastewater treatment with minimized sludge productionGu, Jun; Yang, Qin; Liu, Yu
2018Novel A-B processes for energy-efficient municipal wastewater reclamation with minimized sludge productionGu, Jun
 2018A novel strategy towards sustainable and stable nitritation-denitritation in an A-B process for mainstream municipal wastewater treatmentGu, Jun; Yang, Qin; Liu, Yu
2015One-micron resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT) in vivo for cellular level imagingGu, Jun; Shum, Ping; Liu, Linbo; Cui, Dongyao; Liu, Xinyu; Zhang, Jing; Yu, Xiaojun; Sun, Ding; Luo, Yuemei
 2020Performance, membrane fouling control and cost analysis of an integrated anaerobic fixed-film MBR and reverse osmosis process for municipal wastewater reclamation to NEWater-like product waterLiu, Hang; Gu, Jun; Wang, Siyu; Zhang, Meng; Liu, Yu
2021A perspective on the role of point-of-care "immuno-triaging" to optimize COVID-19 vaccination distribution in a time of scarcityZhang, Yi; Rogers, Angela; Nadeau, Kari; Gu, Jun; Yang, Samuel
 2014Quantitative diagnosis of cervical neoplasia using fluorescence lifetime imaging on haematoxylin and eosin stained tissue sectionsRazul, Sirajudeen Gulam; Lim, Soo Kim; Gu, Jun; Fu, Chit Yaw; Ng, Beng Koon
2019A review on mainstream deammonification of municipal wastewater : novel dual step processGu, Jun; Zhang, Meng; Liu, Yu
2014Spectrally encoded extended source optical coherence tomographyYu, Xiaojun; Tang, Hongying; Liu, Xinyu; Cui, Dongyao; Beotra, Meghna R.; Girard, Michael J. A.; Sun, Ding; Gu, Jun; Liu, Linbo
 2021Tetracycline-induced decoupling of symbiosis in microalgal-bacterial granular sludgeWang, Shulian; Ji, Bin; Zhang, Meng; Gu, Jun; Ma, Yingqun; Liu, Yu