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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Beating the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt and the Svetlichny games with optimal statesSu, Hong-Yi; Ren, Changliang; Chen, Jing-Ling; Zhang, Fu-Lin; Wu, Chunfeng; Xu, Zhen-Peng; Gu, Mile; Vinjanampathy, Sai; Kwek, Leong Chuan
2018Causal asymmetry in a quantum worldThompson, Jayne; Garner, Andrew J. P.; Mahoney, John R.; Crutchfield, James P.; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile
2016Converting Coherence to Quantum CorrelationsMa, Jiajun; Yadin, Benjamin; Girolami, Davide; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile
2018Dimensional quantum memory advantage in the simulation of stochastic processesGhafari, Farzad; Tischler, Nora; Thompson, Jayne; Gu, Mile; Shalm, Lynden K.; Verma, Varun B.; Nam, Sae Woo; Patel, Raj B.; Wiseman, Howard M.; Pryde, Geoff J.
2018Experimental cyclic interconversion between coherence and quantum correlationsWu, Kang-Da; Hou, Zhibo; Zhao, Yuan-Yuan; Xiang, Guo-Yong; Li, Chuan-Feng; Guo, Guang-Can; Ma, Jiajun; He, Qiong-Yi; Thompson, Jayne; Gu, Mile
2019Experimental investigation of linear-optics-based quantum target detectionGu, Mile; Aguilar, G. H.; de Souza, M. A.; Gomes, R. M.; Thompson, J.; Céleri, L. C.; Walborn, S. P.
2017Experimentally modeling stochastic processes with less memory by the use of a quantum processorPalsson, Matthew S.; Gu, Mile; Ho, Joseph; Wiseman, Howard M.; Pryde, Geoff J.
2018Geometry of quantum correlations in space-timeZhao, Zhikuan; Pisarczyk, Robert; Thompson, Jayne; Gu, Mile; Vedral, Vlatko; Fitzsimons, Joseph F.
2016How discord underlies the noise resilience of quantum illuminationWeedbrook, Christian; Pirandola, Stefano; Thompson, Jayne; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile
2019Interfering trajectories in experimental quantum-enhanced stochastic simulationGhafari, Farzad; Tischler, Nora; Di Franco, Carlo; Thompson, Jayne; Gu, Mile; Pryde, Geoff J.
2019Memory-efficient tracking of complex temporal and symbolic dynamics with quantum simulatorsElliot, Thomas Joseph; Garner, Andrew J. P.; Gu, Mile
2019One-shot entanglement distillation beyond local operations and classical communicationRegula, Bartosz; Fang, Kun; Wang, Xin; Gu, Mile
2018Operational resource theory of continuous-variable nonclassicalityYadin, Benjamin; Thompson, Jayne; Narasimhachar, Varun; Gu, Mile; Kim, M. S.; Binder, Felix Christoph
2018Optimal Classical Simulation of State-Independent Quantum ContextualityCabello, Adán; Gu, Mile; Gühne, Otfried; Xu, Zhen-Peng
2019Optimal stochastic modeling with unitary quantum dynamicsLiu, Qing; Elliott, Thomas J.; Binder, Felix C.; Di Franco, Carlo; Gu, Mile
2016Power of one bit of quantum information in quantum metrologyCable, Hugo; Gu, Mile; Modi, Kavan
2016Power of one qumode for quantum computationLiu, Nana; Thompson, Jayne; Weedbrook, Christian; Lloyd, Seth; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile; Modi, Kavan
2018Practical unitary simulator for non-markovian complex processesBinder, Felix Christoph; Thompson, Jayne; Gu, Mile
2017Provably unbounded memory advantage in stochastic simulation using quantum mechanicsGarner, Andrew J. P.; Liu, Qing; Thompson, Jayne; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile
2019Quantifying memory capacity as a quantum thermodynamic resourceNarasimhachar, Varun; Thompson, Jayne; Ma, Jiajun; Gour, Gilad; Gu, Mile