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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Brain-computer-interface-based intervention re-normalizes brain functional network topology in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorderQian, Xing; Loo, Beatrice Rui Yi; Castellanos, Francisco Xavier; Liu, Siwei; Koh, Hui Li; Krishnan, Ranga; Fung, Daniel; Guan, Cuntai; Lee, Tih-Shih; Lim, Choon Guan; Zhou, Juan; Poh, Wendy Xue Wei; Chee, Michael W. L.
2019A closed-loop, music-based brain-computer interface for emotion mediationEhrlich, Stefan K.; Agres, Kat R.; Guan, Cuntai; Cheng, Gordon
2016Discriminative Ocular Artifact Correction for Feature Learning in EEG AnalysisLi, Xinyang; Guan, Cuntai; Zhang, Haihong; Ang, Kai Keng
2013EEG data space adaptation to reduce intersession nonstationarity in brain-computer interfaceArvaneh, Mahnaz; Guan, Cuntai; Ang, Kai Keng; Quek, Chai
2019Exposure therapy with personalized real-time arousal detection and feedback to alleviate social anxiety symptoms in an analogue adult sample : pilot proof-of-concept randomized controlled trialLin, Bernice Xiangting; Lee, Tih-Shih; Cheung, Yin Bun; Ling, Joanna; Poon, Shi Hui; Lim, Leslie; Zhang, Hai Hong; Chin, Zheng Yang; Wang, Chuan Chu; Krishnan, Ranga; Guan, Cuntai
2018Large-scale brain functional network topology disruptions underlie symptom heterogeneity in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderQian, Xing; Castellanos, Francisco Xavier; Uddin, Lucina Q.; Loo, Beatrice Rui Yi; Liu, Siwei; Koh, Hui Li; Fung, Daniel; Guan, Cuntai; Lee, Tih-Shih; Lim, Choon Guan; Zhou, Juan; Poh, Wendy Xue Wei
2018Learning temporal information for brain-computer interface using convolutional neural networksSakhavi, Siavash; Guan, Cuntai; Yan, Shuicheng
 2012A modified wavelet-common spatial pattern method for decoding hand movement directions in brain computer interfacesRobinson, Neethu; Vinod, Achutavarrier Prasad; Guan, Cuntai; Ang, Kai Keng; Peng, Tee Keng
 2012Multi-frequency band common spatial pattern with sparse optimization in Brain-Computer InterfaceArvaneh, Mahnaz; Guan, Cuntai; Ang, Kai Keng; Quek, Chai
2017A New Variational Method for Bias Correction and Its Applications to Rodent Brain ExtractionChang, Huibin; Huang, Weimin; Wu, Chunlin; Huang, Su; Guan, Cuntai; Sekar, Sakthivel; Bhakoo, Kishore Kumar; Duan, Yuping
 2018A novel method of emergency situation detection for a brain-controlled vehicle by combining EEG signals with surrounding informationBi, Luzheng; Wang, Huikang; Teng, Teng; Guan, Cuntai
 2012Omitting the intra-session calibration in EEG-based brain computer interface used for stroke rehabilitationArvaneh, Mahnaz; Guan, Cuntai; Ang, Kai Keng; Quek, Chai
2019A randomized controlled trial of a brain-computer interface based attention training program for ADHDLim, Choon Guan; Guan, Cuntai; Bautista, Dianne; Cheung, Yin Bun; Zhang, Haihong; Yeo, Si Ning; Krishnan, Ranga; Lee, Tih Shih; Poh, Wendy Xue Wei; Fung, Daniel Shuen Sheng
2016Real-time subject-independent pattern classification of overt and covert movements from fNIRS signalsPrasad, Vinod Achutavarrier; Zaidi, Ali Danish; Robinson, Neethu; Rana, Mohit; Guan, Cuntai; Birbaumer, Niels; Sitaram, Ranganatha
 2012Robust EEG channel selection across sessions in brain-computer interface involving stroke patientsArvaneh, Mahnaz; Guan, Cuntai; Ang, Kai Keng; Quek, Chai
 2017Robust nonlinear causality analysis of nonstationary multivariate physiological time seriesSchäck, Tim; Muma, Michael; Feng, Mengling; Guan, Cuntai; Zoubir, Abdelhak M.
 2012SoHyFIS-Yager : a self-organizing Yager based hybrid neural fuzzy inference systemTung, Sau Wai; Quek, Chai; Guan, Cuntai
2018Spectrum and phase adaptive CCA for SSVEP-based brain computer interfaceZhang, Zhuo; Wang, Chuanchu; Ang, Kai Keng; Wai, Aung Aung Phyo; Guan, Cuntai
 2012Traffic modeling and identification using a self-adaptive fuzzy inference networkTung, Sau Wai; Quek, Chai; Guan, Cuntai
2017A unified fisher’s ratio learning method for spatial filter optimizationLi, Xinyang; Guan, Cuntai; Zhang, Haihong; Ang, Kai Keng