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 2018Characterization of horseshoe vortex in a developing scour hole at a cylindrical bridge pierGuan, Dawei; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Wei, Maoxing; Hsieh, Shih-Chun
 2018Current-induced scour at monopile foundations subjected to lateral vibrationsGuan, Dawei; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Melville, Bruce W.; Zheng, Jinhai
 2018Experimental study of scour around a forced vibrating pipeline in quiescent waterGuan, Dawei; Hsieh, Shih-Chun; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Low, Ying Min
 2020Local scour and flow characteristics around pipeline subjected to vortex-induced vibrationsGuan, Dawei; Hsieh, Shih-Chun; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Low, Ying Min; Wei, Maoxing
2018Quadrant analysis of turbulence in a rectangular cavity with large aspect ratiosGuan, Dawei; Agarwal, Prakash; Chiew, Yee-Meng
2019Scour evolution downstream of submerged weirs in clear water scour conditionsGuan, Dawei; Liu, Jingang; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Zhou, Yingzheng
 2018Temporal development of propeller scour around a sloping bankWei, Maoxing; Chiew, Yee-Meng; Guan, Dawei