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2020Contention minimized bypassing in SMART NoCChen, Peng; Liu, Weichen; Li, Mengquan; Yang, Lei; Guan, Nan
 2018An efficient UAV hijacking detection method using onboard inertial measurement unitFeng, Zhiwei; Guan, Nan; Lv, Mingsong; Liu, Weichen; Deng, Qingxu; Liu, Xue; Yi, Wang
2019Hardware-software collaborative thermal sensing in optical network-on-chip–based manycore systemsLi, Mengquan; Liu, Weichen; Guan, Nan; Xie, Yiyuan; Ye, Yaoyao
 2019Leaking your engine speed by spectrum analysis of real-time scheduling sequencesLiu, Songran; Guan, Nan; Ji, Dong; Liu, Weichen; Liu, Xue; Yi, Wang
2019Routing in optical network-on-chip : minimizing contention with guaranteed thermal reliabilityLi, Mengquan; Liu, Weichen; Yang, Lei; Chen, Peng; Liu, Duo; Guan, Nan
2019Thermal sensing using micro-ring resonators in optical network-on-chipLiu, Weichen; Li, Mengquan; Chang, Wanli; Xiao, Chunhua; Xie, Yiyuan; Guan, Nan; Jiang, Lei
2018Thermal-aware task mapping on dynamically reconfigurable network-on-chip based multiprocessor system-on-chipLiu, Weichen; Yang, Lei; Jiang, Weiwen; Feng, Liang; Guan, Nan; Zhang, Wei; Dutt, Nikil
2019Timing-anomaly free dynamic scheduling of conditional DAG tasks on multi-core systemsChen, Peng; Liu, Weichen; Jiang, Xu; He, Qingqiang; Guan, Nan