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2019Application of a targeted-enrichment methodology for full-genome sequencing of Dengue 1-4, Chikungunya and Zika viruses directly from patient samplesKamaraj, Uma Sangumathi; Tan, Jun Hao; Pan, Louise; Chawla, Tanu; Ong, Xin Mei; Uehara, Anna; Wang, Lin-Fa; Ooi, Eng Eong; Gubler, Duane J.; Tissera, Hasitha; Ng, Lee Ching; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; de Sessions, Paola Florez; Barkham, Timothy; Anderson, Danielle E.; Sessions, October Michael
2017Chymase level is a predictive biomarker of dengue hemorrhagic fever in pediatric and adult patientsRathore, Abhay P. S.; Pike, Brian L.; Warkentien, Tyler E.; Farouk, Farouk S.; Gubler, Duane J.; St. John, Ashley L.; Ooi, Eng Eong; Tissera, Hasitha; Leong, Wei Yee; Syenina, Ayesa; Wilder-Smith, Annelies
2019Dengue virus – elicited tryptase induces endothelial permeability and shockRathore, Abhay P. S.; Mantri, Chinmay Kumar; Aman, Siti A. B.; Syenina, Ayesa; Ooi, Justin; Jagaraj, Cyril J.; Goh, Chi Ching; Tissera, Hasitha; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; Ng, Lai Guan; Gubler, Duane J.; St. John, Ashley L.
2013Exploring the origin and potential for spread of the 2013 dengue outbreak in Luanda, AngolaWilder-Smith, Annelies; Quam, Mikkel; Schwartz, Eli; Gubler, Duane J.; Sessions, October M.; Khan, Kamran; Hou, Yan'an; Meltzer, Eyal
2017Innovative and New Approaches to Laboratory Diagnosis of Zika and Dengue: A Meeting ReportGoncalves, Adriana; Peeling, Rosanna W.; Chu, May C.; Gubler, Duane J.; de Silva, Aravinda M.; Harris, Eva; Murtagh, Maurine; Chua, Arlene; Rodriguez, William; Kelly, Cassandra; Wilder-Smith, Annelies
2016Laboratory-Enhanced Dengue Sentinel Surveillance in Colombo District, Sri Lanka: 2012-2014Tissera, Hasitha; Amarasinghe, Ananda; Gunasena, Sunethra; DeSilva, Aruna Dharshan; Yee, Leong Wei; Sessions, October; Muthukuda, Chanaka; Palihawadana, Paba; Lohr, Wolfgang; Byass, Peter; Gubler, Duane J.; Wilder-Smith, Annelies
2017Mitigating Diseases Transmitted by Aedes Mosquitoes: A Cluster-Randomised Trial of Permethrin-Impregnated School UniformsKittayapong, Pattamaporn; Olanratmanee, Phanthip; Maskhao, Pongsri; Byass, Peter; Logan, James; Tozan, Yesim; Louis, Valérie; Gubler, Duane J.; Wilder-Smith, Annelies