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2018Complementary intestinal mucosa and microbiota responses to caloric restrictionDuszka, Kalina; Ellero-Simatos, Sandrine; Ow, Ghim Siong; Defernez, Marianne; Paramalingam, Eeswari; Tett, Adrian; Ying, Shi; König, Jürgen; Narbad, Arjan; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A.; Guillou, Hervé; Wahli, Walter
2019Depletion of gram-positive bacteria impacts hepatic biological functions during the light phaseOh, Penny Hui Yun; Ellero-Simatos, Sandrine; Manickam, Ravikumar; Tan, Nguan Soon; Guillou, Hervé; Wahli, Walter
2016Glucocorticoid receptor-PPARα axis in fetal mouse liver prepares neonates for milk lipid catabolismRando, Gianpaolo; Tan, Chek Kun; Khaled, Nourhène; Montagner, Alexandra; Leuenberger, Nicolas; Bertrand-Michel, Justine; Paramalingam, Eeswari; Guillou, Hervé; Wahli, Walter
2016Hepatic circadian clock oscillators and nuclear receptors integrate microbiome-derived signalsMontagner, Alexandra; Korecka, Agata; Polizzi, Arnaud; Lippi, Yannick; Blum, Yuna; Canlet, Cécile; Tremblay-Franco, Marie; Gautier-Stein, Amandine; Burcelin, Rémy; Yen, Yi-Chun; Je, Hyunsoo Shawn; Maha, Al-Asmakh; Mithieux, Gilles; Arulampalam, Velmurugesan; Lagarrigue, Sandrine; Guillou, Hervé; Pettersson, Sven; Wahli, Walter
2016Hepatic Fasting-Induced PPARα Activity Does Not Depend on Essential Fatty AcidsPolizzi, Arnaud; Fouché, Edwin; Ducheix, Simon; Lasserre, Frédéric; Marmugi, Alice P.; Mselli-Lakhal, Laila; Loiseau, Nicolas; Wahli, Walter; Guillou, Hervé; Montagner, Alexandra
 2019Hepatic PPARα is critical in the metabolic adaptation to sepsisPaumelle, Réjane; Haas, Joel T.; Hennuyer, Nathalie; Baugé, Eric; Deleye, Yann; Mesotten, Dieter; Langouche, Lies; Vanhoutte, Jonathan; Cudejko, Céline; Wouters, Kristiaan; Hannou, Sarah Anissa; Legry, Vanessa; Lancel, Steve; Lalloyer, Fanny; Polizzi, Arnaud; Smati, Sarra; Gourdy, Pierre; Vallez, Emmanuelle; Bouchaert, Emmanuel; Derudas, Bruno; Dehondt, Hélène; Gheeraert, Céline; Fleury, Sébastien; Tailleux, Anne; Montagner, Alexandra; Wahli, Walter; Van Den Berghe, Greet; Guillou, Hervé; Dombrowicz, David; Staels, Bart
2020Hepatocyte-specific deletion of Pparα promotes NAFLD in the context of obesityRégnier, Marion; Polizzi, Arnaud; Smati, Sarra; Lukowicz, Céline; Fougerat, Anne; Lippi, Yannick; Fouché, Edwin; Lasserre, Frédéric; Naylies, Claire; Bétoulières, Colette; Barquissau, Valentin; Mouisel, Etienne; Bertrand-Michel, Justine; Batut, Aurélie; Saati, Talal Al; Canlet, Cécile; Tremblay-Franco, Marie; Ellero-Simatos, Sandrine; Langin, Dominique; Postic, Catherine; Wahli, Walter; Loiseau, Nicolas; Guillou, Hervé; Montagner, Alexandra
 2017Insights into the role of hepatocyte PPARα activity in response to fastingRégnier, Marion; Polizzi, Arnaud; Lippi, Yannick; Fouché, Edwin; Michel, Géraldine; Lukowicz, Céline; Smati, Sarra; Marrot, Alain; Lasserre, Frédéric; Naylies, Claire; Batut, Aurélie; Viars, Fanny; Bertrand-Michel, Justine; Postic, Catherine; Loiseau, Nicolas; Wahli, Walter; Guillou, Hervé; Montagner, Alexandra
2016Intestinal PPARγ signalling is required for sympathetic nervous system activation in response to caloric restrictionDuszka, Kalina; Picard, Alexandre; Ellero-Simatos, Sandrine; Chen, Jiapeng; Defernez, Marianne; Paramalingam, Eeswari; Pigram, Anna; Vanoaica, Liviu; Canlet, Cécile; Parini, Paolo; Narbad, Arjan; Guillou, Hervé; Thorens, Bernard; Wahli, Walter
2020Oxidative stress in NAFLD : role of nutrients and food contaminantsRives, Clémence; Fougerat, Anne; Ellero-Simatos, Sandrine; Loiseau, Nicolas; Guillou, Hervé; Gamet-Payrastre, Laurence; Wahli, Walter
2020Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors and caloric restriction-common pathways affecting metabolism, health, and longevityDuszka, Kalina; Gregor, András; Guillou, Hervé; König, Jürgen; Wahli, Walter
2020Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors and their novel ligands as candidates for the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseFougerat, Anne; Montagner, Alexandra; Loiseau, Nicolas; Guillou, Hervé; Wahli, Walter
2021The pregnane X receptor drives sexually dimorphic hepatic changes in lipid and xenobiotic metabolism in response to gut microbiota in miceBarretto, Sharon Ann; Lasserre, Frederic; Huillet, Marine; Régnier, Marion; Polizzi, Arnaud; Lippi, Yannick; Fougerat, Anne; Person, Elodie; Bruel, Sandrine; Bétoulières, Colette; Naylies, Claire; Lukowicz, Céline; Smati, Sarra; Guzylack, Laurence; Olier, Maïwenn; Théodorou, Vassilia; Mselli-Lakhal, Laila; Zalko, Daniel; Wahli, Walter; Loiseau, Nicolas; Gamet-Payrastre, Laurence; Guillou, Hervé; Ellero-Simatos, Sandrine
2017A Specific ChREBP and PPARα Cross-Talk Is Required for the Glucose-Mediated FGF21 ResponseIroz, Alison; Montagner, Alexandra; Benhamed, Fadila; Levavasseur, Françoise; Polizzi, Arnaud; Anthony, Elodie; Régnier, Marion; Fouché, Edwin; Lukowicz, Céline; Cauzac, Michèle; Tournier, Emilie; Do-Cruzeiro, Marcio; Daujat-Chavanieu, Martine; Gerbal-Chalouin, Sabine; Fauveau, Véronique; Marmier, Solenne; Burnol, Anne-Françoise; Guilmeau, Sandra; Lippi, Yannick; Girard, Jean; Wahli, Walter; Dentin, Renaud; Guillou, Hervé; Postic, Catherine
2016Transcriptional control of physiological and pathological processes by the nuclear receptor PPARβ/δTan, Nguan Soon; Vázquez-Carrera, Manuel; Montagner, Alexandra; Sng, Ming Keat; Guillou, Hervé; Wahli, Walter