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2001Communication techniques and systemsKoh, Soo Ngee.; Dubey, Vimal Kishore.; Gunawan, Erry.; Gui, Xiang.
1992Development of reed-solomon code encoder and decoder for satellite data communicationsGunawan, Erry.; Tan, Pek Tong.
1999TCM (Trellis Coded Modulation) codes for fading mobile channelsDubey, Vimal Kishore.; Gunawan, Erry.; Subramanian, Krishnappa R.
2002Telecommunication techniques and systems (II)Gunawan, Erry.; Shen, Zhongxiang.
2000Tracking, telemetry, command, monitoring and store-and-forward protocols for low earth orbit satellitesGunawan, Erry.; Arichandran, K.; Tan, Soon Hie.; Soong, Boon Hee.