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2018BPRH : bayesian personalized ranking for heterogeneous implicit feedbackQiu, Huihuai; Liu, Yun; Guo, Guibing; Sun, Zhu; Zhang, Jie; Nguyen, Hai Thanh
2014Exploiting ratings and trust to resolve the data sparsity and cold start of recommender systemsGuo, Guibing
2017Factored similarity models with social trust for top-N item recommendationGuo, Guibing; Zhang, Jie; Zhu, Feida; Wang, Xingwei
2016A Novel Evidence-Based Bayesian Similarity Measure for Recommender SystemsGuo, Guibing; Zhang, Jie; Yorke-Smith, Neil
2019Research commentary on recommendations with side information : a survey and research directionsSun, Zhu; Guo, Qing; Yang, Jie; Fang, Hui; Guo, Guibing; Zhang, Jie; Burke, Robin