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2019Constructions of maximally recoverable Local Reconstruction Codes via function fieldsGuruswami, Venkatesan; Jin, Lingfei; Xing, Chaoping
 2012Folded codes from function field towers and improved optimal rate list decodingGuruswami, Venkatesan; Xing, Chaoping
2014Hitting Sets for Low-Degree Polynomials with Optimal DensityGuruswami, Venkatesan; Xing, Chaoping
2018How long can optimal locally repairable codes be?Guruswami, Venkatesan; Xing, Chaoping; Yuan, Chen
2018Lossless dimension expanders via linearized polynomials and subspace designsGuruswami, Venkatesan; Resch, Nicolas; Xing, Chaoping
2014Optimal rate list decoding of folded algebraic-geometric codes over constant-sized alphabetsGuruswami, Venkatesan; Xing, Chaoping
2019Secret sharing with binary sharesLin, Fuchun; Cheraghchi, Mahdi; Guruswami, Venkatesan; Safavi-Naini, Reihaneh; Wang, Huaxiong
2017Subspace designs based on algebraic function fieldsGuruswami, Venkatesan; Xing, Chaoping; Yuan, Chen