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2018Amorphous ternary nanoparticle complex of curcumin-chitosan-hypromellose exhibiting built-in solubility enhancement and physical stability of curcuminWong, Jerome Jie Long; Lim, Li Ming; Tran, The-Thien; Wang, Danping; Cheow, Wean Sin; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2012Analyzing the minimum entrainment velocity of ternary particle mixtures in horizontal pneumatic transportTay, Jason Yong Thian; Chew, Jia Wei; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2013Biofilm-like lactobacillus rhamnosus probiotics encapsulated in alginate and carrageenan microcapsules exhibiting enhanced thermotolerance and freeze-drying resistanceCheow, Wean Sin; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2012A comparison between spray drying and spray freeze drying for dry powder inhaler formulation of drug-loaded lipid–polymer hybrid nanoparticlesWang, Yajie; Kho, Katherine; Cheow, Wean Sin; Hadinoto, Kunn
2017Complexation of Polyelectrolytes with Hydrophobic Drug Molecules in Salt-Free Solution: Theory and SimulationsLei, Qun-li; Hadinoto, Kunn; Ni, Ran
2016Controlling the burst release of amorphous drug–polysaccharide nanoparticle complex via crosslinking of the polysaccharide chainsNguyen, Minh-Hiep; Tran, The-Thien; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2012Dry powder inhaler formulation of lipid–polymer hybrid nanoparticles via electrostatically-driven nanoparticle assembly onto microscale carrier particlesYang, Yue; Cheow, Wean Sin; Hadinoto, Kunn
2017Examining practical feasibility of amorphous curcumin-chitosan nanoparticle complex as solubility enhancement strategy of curcumin : scaled-up production, dry powder transformation, and long-term physical stabilityWong, Jerome Jie Long; Yu, Hong; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2012Green amorphous nanoplex as a new supersaturating drug delivery systemCheow, Wean Sin; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2011Green preparation of antibiotic nanoparticle complex as potential anti-biofilm therapeutics via self-assembly amphiphile–polyelectrolyte complexation with dextran sulfateCheow, Wean Sin; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2013A highly sustainable and versatile granulation method of nanodrugs via their electrostatic adsorption onto chitosan microparticles as the granulation substratesYang, Yue; Hadinoto, Kunn
2018Incorporating seller/buyer reputation-based system in blockchain-enabled emission trading applicationKhaqqi, Khamila Nurul; Sikorski, Janusz J.; Hadinoto, Kunn; Kraft, Markus
 2011Lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles with rhamnolipid-triggered release capabilities as anti-biofilm drug delivery vehiclesCheow, Wean Sin; Hadinoto, Kunn
2017Millifluidic synthesis of amorphous drug-polysaccharide nanoparticle complex with tunable size intended for supersaturating drug delivery applicationsTran, The-Thien; Nguyen, Minh-Hiep; Tan, Yong Zen; Chew, Jia Wei; Khan, Saif A.; Hadinoto, Kunn
2018A new therapeutic avenue for bronchiectasis : dry powder inhaler of ciprofloxacin nanoplex exhibits superior ex vivo mucus permeability and antibacterial efficacy to its native ciprofloxacin counterpartTran, The-Thien; Vidaillac, Celine; Yu, Hong; Yong, Valerie Fei Lee; Roizman, Dan; Chandrasekaran, Ravishankar; Lim, Albert Yick Hou; Low, Teck Boon; Tan, Gan Liang; Abisheganaden, John A.; Koh, Mariko Siyue; Teo, Jeanette; Chotirmall, Sanjay Haresh; Hadinoto, Kunn
2017Role of local assembly in the hierarchical crystallization of associating colloidal hard hemispheresLei, Qun-li; Hadinoto, Kunn; Ni, Ran
 2011Self-assembled amorphous drug–polyelectrolyte nanoparticle complex with enhanced dissolution rate and saturation solubilityCheow, Wean Sin; Hadinoto, Kunn
2016A supersaturating delivery system of silibinin exhibiting high payload achieved by amorphous nano-complexation with chitosanNguyen, Minh-Hiep; Yu, Hong; Dong, Bingxue; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2013Towards sustainability : new approaches to nano-drug preparationCheow, Wean Sin; Xu, Rong; Hadinoto, Kunn
2018A trade-off between solubility enhancement and physical stability upon simultaneous amorphization and nanonization of curcumin in comparison to amorphization aloneWong, Jerome Jie Long; Yu, Hong; Lim, Li Ming; Hadinoto, Kunn