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2021Are soil sealing indicators sufficient to guide urban planning? : Insights from an ecosystem services assessment in the Paris metropolitan areaTardieu, Lea; Hamel, Perrine; Viguié, Vincent; Coste, Lana; Levrel, Harold
2021Blending ecosystem service and resilience perspectives in planning of natural infrastructure: lessons from the San Francisco bay areaHamel, Perrine; Hamann, Maike; Kuiper, Jan J.; Andersson, Erik; Arkema, Katie K.; Silver, Jess M.; Daily, Gretchen C.; Guerry, Anne D.
2021Evaluating urban greening scenarios for urban heat mitigation: a spatially explicit approachBosch, Martí; Locatelli, Maxence; Hamel, Perrine; Remme, Roy P.; Jaligot, Rémi; Chenal, Jérôme; Joost, Stéphane
2022A geospatial model of nature-based recreation for urban planning: case study of Paris, FranceLiu, Hongxiao; Hamel, Perrine; Tardieu, Léa; Remme, Roy P.; Han, Baolong; Ren, Hai
2021Mapping the benefits of nature in cities with the InVEST softwareHamel, Perrine; Guerry, A. D.; Polasky, S.; Han, B.; Douglass, J. A.; Hamann, M.; Janke, B.; Kuiper, J. J.; Levrel, H.; Liu, H.; Lonsdorf, E.; McDonald, R. I.; Nootenboom, C.; Ouyang, Z.; Remme, R. P.; Sharp, R. P.; Tardieu, L.; Viguié, V.; Xu, D.; Zheng, H.; Daily, G. C.
2022Nature futures for the urban century: integrating multiple values into urban managementMansur, Andressa V.; McDonald, Robert I.; Güneralp, Burak; Kim, HyeJin; de Oliveira, Jose A. Puppim; Callaghan, Corey T.; Hamel, Perrine; Kuiper, Jan J.; Wolff, Manuel; Liebelt, Veronika; Martins, Inês S.; Elmqvist, Thomas; Pereira, Henrique M.
2021Nature-based solutions for flood risk reduction : a probabilistic modeling frameworkLallemant, David; Hamel, Perrine; Balbi, Mariano; Lim, Tian Ning; Schmitt, Rafael; Win, Shelly
2021A review of urban ecosystem services research in Southeast AsiaLourdes, Karen T.; Gibbins, Chris N.; Hamel, Perrine; Sanusi, Ruzana; Azhar, Badrul; Lechner, Alex M.
 2022Toward a critical technical practice in disaster risk management: lessons from designing collaboration initiativesLallemant, David; Bicksler, Rebecca; Barns, Karen; Hamel, Perrine; Soden, Robert; Bannister, Steph
2021Towards regional scale stormwater flood management strategies through rapid preliminary intervention screeningWebber, James L.; Balbi, Mariano; Lallemant, David; Gibson, Michael J.; Fu, Guangtao; Butler, David; Hamel, Perrine