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2016Active learning for ontological event extraction incorporating named entity recognition and unknown word handlingHan, Xu; Kim, Jung-jae; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2017Active learning with applications in biomedical document annotationHan, Xu
2015Extending the evaluation of Genia Event task toward knowledge base construction and comparison to Gene Regulation Ontology taskKim, Jin-Dong; Kim, Jung-jae; Han, Xu; Rebholz-Schuhmann, Dietrich
 2017Smart sensing based on DNA – metal interaction enables a label-free and resettable security model of electrochemical molecular keypad lockDu, Yan; Han, Xu; Wang, Chenxu; Li, Yunhui; Li, Bingling; Duan, Hongwei
2019Synthesis of ternary oxide Zn2GeO4 nanowire networks and their deep ultraviolet detection propertiesHan, Xu; Feng, Shuanglong; Zhao, Yiming; Li, Lei; Zhan, Zhaoyao; Tao, Zhiyong; Fan, Yaxian; Lu, Wenqiang; Zuo, Wenbin; Fu, Dejun
 2020Uncovering the indium filament revolution in transparent bipolar ito/siox/ito resistive switching memoriesQian, Kai; Han, Xu; Li, Huakai; Chen, Tupei; Lee, Pooi See