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2021Biological and physiochemical methods of biofilm adhesion resistance control of medical-context surfaceLi, Yuanzhe; Li, Xiang; Hao, Yu; Liu, Yang; Dong, ZhiLi; Li, Kexin
2021Investigation of drag-reduction effect of super-hydrophilic surface in laminar microchannel flowLuo, Haoyu; Lu, Lichang; Hao, Yu; Li, Xiang; Dong, Zhili; Liu, Yang; Li, Yuanzhe
2021Mechanical and processing enhancement of a recycled HDPE/PPR-based double-wall corrugated pipe via a POE-g-MAH/CaCO₃/HDPE polymer compositeWang, Yutong; Lu, Lichang; Hao, Yu; Wu, Yujie; Li, Yuanzhe
2020Mechanisms and control measures of mature biofilm resistance to antimicrobial agents in the clinical contextLi, Yuanzhe; Xiao, Peng; Wang, Yilin; Hao, Yu
2021Practical reviews of exhaust systems operation in semiconductor industryLi, Yuanzhe; Zhu, Yalin; Hao, Yu; Xiao, Peng; Dong, Zhili; Li, Xiang