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20205G and techno-nationalism : choosing sides?Jayakumar, Shashi; Harjani, Manoj
2020Artificial intelligence : sustaining Singapore’s AI ambitionsHarjani, Manoj; Leong, Dymples; Teo, Yi-Ling
2020Between byte and bark : Singapore, US & Chinese techJayakumar, Shashi; Harjani, Manoj
2020Early warning systems : stumbling blocks post-pandemicHarjani, Manoj
2021Facial recognition : more peril than promise?Harjani, Manoj
2021The paradox of scaling AI : new age or future winter?Harjani, Manoj; Teo, Yi-Ling
2021Singapore's AI 'living lab' : safety rules essentialHarjani, Manoj; Auyong, Hawyee
2021Smart nation : privacy protection and public trustTeo, Yi-Ling; Harjani, Manoj