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 2013Adsorption and folding dynamics of MPER of HIV-1 gp41 in the presence of dpc micelleHartono, Yossa Dwi; Mun, Yip Yew; Zhang, Dawei
 2012Computational study of bindings of HK20 Fab and D5 Fab to HIV-1 gp41Hartono, Yossa Dwi; Lazim, Raudah; Yip, Yew Mun; Zhang, Dawei
2017Computational study of uracil tautomeric forms in the ribosome : the case of uracil and 5-oxyacetic acid uracil in the first anticodon position of tRNAHartono, Yossa Dwi; Ito, Mika; Villa, Alessandra; Nilsson, Lennart
2018Modeling pK shift in DNA triplexes containing locked nucleic acidsHartono, Yossa Dwi; Xu, You; Karshikoff, Andrey; Nilsson, Lennart; Villa, Alessandra
2017Understanding structural features of biomolecular interactions : from classical simulations to ab initio calculationsHartono, Yossa Dwi