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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Allocating power ground vias in 3D ICs for simultaneous power and thermal integrityYu, Hao; Ho, Joanna; He, Lei
2017Aza-bridged bisphenanthrolinyl Pt(ii) complexes : efficient stabilization and topological selectivity on telomeric G-quadruplexesHe, Lei; Meng, Zhenyu; Xie, Yi-qun; Chen, Xiang; Li, Tianhu; Shao, Fangwei
2015Back-analysis approach for the determination of hydraulic conductivity in rock cavernsXu, Zhipeng; Zhao, Zhiye; Sun, Jianping; He, Lei; Nie, Wen
2007Circuit-simulated obstacle-aware Steiner routingShi, Yiyu; Mesa, Paul; Yu, Hao; He, Lei
 2017Development of a unified rock bolt model in discontinuous deformation analysisHe, Lei; An, Xin Mei; Zhao, Xiao Bao; Zhao, Zhi Ye; Zhao, Jian
2018Development of metal complexes for specific targeting G-quadruplexes and the application studiesHe, Lei
2018Dual functional dinuclear platinum complex with selective reactivity towards c-myc G-quadruplexHe, Lei; Meng, Zhenyu; Xu, Dechen; Shao, Fangwei
2012Exploiting parallelism by data dependency elimination : a case study of circuit simulation algorithmsWu, Wei; Gong, Fang; Krishnan, Rahul; Yu, Hao; He, Lei
2009Fast analysis of a large-scale inductive interconnect by block-structure-preserved macromodelingTan, Sheldon X. D.; Yu, Hao; Chu, Chunta Lei He; Shi, Yiyu; Smart, David; He, Lei
2010A fast non-Monte-Carlo yield analysis and optimization by stochastic orthogonal polynomialsTan, Sheldon X. D.; Ren, Junyan; He, Lei; Gong, Fang; Liu, Xuexin; Yu, Hao
2011A parallel and incremental extraction of variational capacitance with stochastic geometric momentsGong, Fang; Yu, Hao; Wang, Lingli; He, Lei
 2022Performance enhancement of horizontal extension and thermal energy storage to an abandoned exploitation well and satellite LNG station integrated ORC systemXiao, Fei; Yang, Lizhong; He, Lei; Gil, Antoni; Rajoo, Srithar; Zhao, Zhiye; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Cabeza, Luisa F.
2005A provably passive and cost-efficient model for inductive interconnectsYu, Hao; He, Lei
2009Robust on-chip signaling by staggered and twisted bundleYu, Hao; He, Lei; Chang, Frank Mau Chung
 2012SPECO : stochastic perturbation based clock tree optimization considering temperature uncertaintyBasir-Kazeruni, Sina; Yu, Hao; Gong, Fang; Hu, Yu; Liu, Chunchen; He, Lei
2012Stochastic behavioral modeling and analysis for analog/mixed-signal circuitsGong, Fang; Basir-Kazeruni, Sina; He, Lei; Yu, Hao
2008Thermal via allocation for 3-D ICs considering temporally and spatially variant thermal powerYu, Hao; Shi, Yiyu; He, Lei; Karnik, Tanay
2011Three dimensional numerical manifold method and rock engineering applicationsHe, Lei
2013Variability-aware parametric yield estimation for analog/mixed-signal circuits : concepts, algorithms and challengesGong, Fang; Shi, Yiyu; Yu, Hao; He, Lei
2014Variability-aware parametric yield estimation for analog/mixed-signal circuits : concepts, algorithms, and challengesShi, Yiyu; He, Lei; Yu, Hao; Gong, Fang