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 2014Effects of primer and annealing treatments on the shear strength between anodized Ti6Al4V and epoxyHe, Peigang; Huang, Mingyue; Fisher, Stefan; Yue, Chee Yoon; Yang, Jinglei
 2021First-principles study of the anisotropic thermal expansion and thermal transport properties in h-BNNiu, Bo; Zhong, Lixiang; Hao, Wei; Yang, Zhihua; Duan, Xiaoming; Cai, Delong; He, Peigang; Jia, Dechang; Li, Shuzhou; Zhou, Yu
 2013Surface microstructures and epoxy bonded shear strength of Ti6Al4V alloy anodized at various temperaturesHe, Peigang; Chen, Ke; Yu, Bin; Yue, Chee Yoon; Yang, Jinglei
 2014Surface modifications of Ti alloy with tunable hierarchical structures and chemistry for improved metal–polymer interface used in deepwater composite riserHe, Peigang; Chen, Ke; Yang, Jinglei