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 2021ACSL : adaptive correlation-driven sparsity learning for deep neural network compressionHe, Wei; Wu, Meiqing; Lam, Siew-Kei
2017Attacks in Reality: The Limits of Concurrent Error Detection Codes against Laser Fault InjectionBreier, Jakub; He, Wei; Jap, Dirmanto; Bhasin, Shivam; Chattopadhyay, Anupam
2016Bypassing Parity Protected Cryptography using Laser Fault Injection in Cyber-Physical SystemHe, Wei; Breier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; Chattopadhyay, Anupam
2021CAP : Context-aware Pruning for semantic segmentationHe, Wei; Wu, Meiqing; Liang, Mingfu; Lam, Siew-Kei 
2016Comprehensive laser sensitivity profiling and data register bit-flips in 65 nm FPGAHe, Wei; Breier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; Jap, Dirmanto; Ong, Hock Guan; Gan, Chee Lip
2021Deep neural network compression for pixel-level vision tasksHe, Wei
2010Development of mobile device client system for RFID based track and trace solutionHu, Jie Sheng.
2017An Electromagnetic Fault Injection Sensor using Hogge Phase-DetectorBreier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; He, Wei
2015Exploiting FPGA Block Memories for Protected Cryptographic ImplementationsBhasin, Shivam; Danger, Jean-Luc; Guilley, Sylvain; He, Wei
2017Extensive Laser Fault Injection Profiling of 65 nm FPGABreier, Jakub; He, Wei; Bhasin, Shivam; Jap, Dirmanto; Chef, Samuel; Ong, Hock Guan; Gan, Chee Lip
2014Halogen-bonding-induced hydrogen transfer to C═N bond with hantzsch esterHe, Wei; Ge, Yi-Cen; Tan, Choon-Hong
2017Low-cost design of stealthy hardware trojan for bit-level fault attacks on block ciphersHe, Wei; Zhang, Fan; Zhao, Xinjie; Bhasin, Shivam; Guo, Shize
2015Multiple Fault Attack on PRESENT with a Hardware Trojan Implementation in FPGABreier, Jakub; He, Wei
2016PLL to the Rescue: A Novel EM Fault CountermeasureMiura, Noriyuki; Najm, Zakaria; He, Wei; Bhasin, Shivam; Ngo, Xuan Thuy; Nagata, Makoto; Danger, Jean-Luc
2015A self-tuned thermal compensation system for reducing Process Variation influence in side-channel attack resistant dual-rail logicHe, Wei; Stottinger, Marc; de la Torre, Eduardo; Diaz, Veronica
2022Shock wave propagation in carbon honeycomb nanostructure and effect of cell vacanciesLi, Jiaqi; Bai, Lichun; He, Wei; Liu, Bo; Fang, Qihong; Zhou, Kun
2016The study of halogen bonding induced reactionHe, Wei
2016Supervised and unsupervised machine learning for side-channel based Trojan detectionJap, Dirmanto; Bhasin, Shivam; He, Wei