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2022Assessing volcanic hazard and exposure to lava flows at remote volcanic fields: a case study from the Bolaven Volcanic Field, LaosVerolino, Andrea; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Sieh, Kerry; Herrin, Jason Scott; Schonwalder-Angel, Dayana; Sihavong, Vanpheng; Oh, Jee Hon
2017Characterisation of defects generated during constant current InGaN-on-silicon LED operationMade, Riko I; Gao, Yu; Syaranamual, G. J.; Sasangka, W. A.; Zhang, Li; Nguyen, Xuan Sang; Tay, Yee Yan; Herrin, Jason Scott; Thompson, C. V.; Gan, Chee Lip
2018Crystal structure and surface characteristics of Sr-doped GdBaCo2O6−δ double perovskites : oxygen evolution reaction and conductivityPramana, Stevin S.; Cavallaro, Andrea; Li, Cheng; Handoko, Albertus D.; Chan, Kuang Wen; Walker, Robert J.; Regoutz, Anna; Herrin, Jason Scott; Yeo, Boon Siang; Payne, David J.; Kilner, John A.; Ryan, Mary P.; Skinner, Stephen J.
2014The influence of stereochemically active lone-pair electrons on crystal symmetry and twist angles in lead apatite-2H type structuresBaikie, Tom; Schreyer, Martin; Wei, Fengxia; Herrin, Jason Scott; Ferraris, Cristiano; Brink, Frank; Topolska, Justyna; Piltz, R. O.; Price, Jason; White, Timothy John
2018Petrochronologic perspective on rhyolite volcano unrest at Laguna del Maule, ChileAndersen, Nathan L.; Singer, Brad S.; Costa, Fidel; Fournelle, John; Herrin, Jason Scott; Fabbro, Gareth Nicholas