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2021Massively parallel ultrafast random bit generation with a chip-scale laserKim, Kyungduk; Bittner, Stefan; Zeng, Yongquan; Guazzotti, Stefano; Hess, Ortwin; Wang, Qi Jie; Cao, Hui
2017Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Control of Strong Coupling in Plasmonic NanocavitiesDemetriadou, Angela; Hamm, Joachim M.; Luo, Yu; Pendry, John B.; Baumberg, Jeremy J.; Hess, Ortwin
2018Suppressing spatiotemporal lasing instabilities with wave-chaotic microcavitiesBittner, Stefan; Guazzotti, Stefano; Zeng, Yongquan; Hu, Xiaonan; Yilmaz, Hasan; Kim, Kyungduk; Oh, Sang Soon; Wang, Qi Jie; Hess, Ortwin; Cao, Hui