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2015A 15 year slow-slip event on the Sunda megathrust offshore SumatraMeltzner, Aron Jeffrey; Hill, Emma Mary; Tsang, Louisa L. H.; Philibosian, Belle; Freymueller, Jeffrey T.; Sieh, Kerry
2015The 2012 Mw 8.6 Wharton Basin sequence: a cascade of great earthquakes generated by near-orthogonal, young, oceanic mantle faultsHill, Emma Mary; Yue, Han; Barbot, Sylvain; Lay, Thorne; Tapponnier, Paul; Hermawan, Iwan; Hubbard, Judith; Banerjee, Paramesh; Feng, Lujia; Natawidjaja, Danny; Sieh, Kerry
2017The 2015 Mw 6.0 Mt. Kinabalu earthquake: an infrequent fault rupture within the Crocker fault system of East MalaysiaWang, Yu; Wei, Shengji; Wang, Xin; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Tongkul, Felix; Tapponnier, Paul; Bradley, Kyle; Chan, Chung-Han; Hill, Emma Mary; Sieh, Kerry
2019Active convergence of the India‐Burma‐Sunda plates revealed by a new continuous GPS networkMallick, Rishav; Feng, Lujia; Hubbard, Judith; Banerjee, Paramesh; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Hill, Emma Mary
2016Afterslip following the 2007 Mw 8.4 Bengkulu earthquake in Sumatra loaded the 2010 Mw 7.8 Mentawai tsunami earthquake rupture zoneTsang, Louisa Lok Hang; Hill, Emma Mary; Barbot, Sylvain; Qiu, Qiang; Feng, Lujia; Hermawan, Iwan; Banerjee, Paramesh; Natawidjaja, Danny H.
2018Can the updip limit of frictional locking on megathrusts be detected geodetically? Quantifying the effect of stress shadows on near-trench couplingLindsey, Eric Ostrom; Bradley, Kyle; Hubbard, Judith; Mallick, Rishav; Hill, Emma Mary; Almeida, Rafael
2020Cascading partial rupture of the Flores Thrust during the 2018 Lombok earthquake sequence, IndonesiaSalman, Rino; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Lythgoe, Karen H.; Bradley, Kyle; Muzli, Muzli; Yun, Sang-Ho; Chin, Shi Tong; Tay, Cheryl Wen Jing; Costa, Fidel; Wei, Shengji; Hill, Emma Mary
2015Earthquake magnitude calculation without saturation from the scaling of peak ground displacementBock, Yehuda; Riquelme, Sebastian; Protti, Marino; Ganas, Athanassios; Melgar, Diego; Crowell, Brendan W.; Geng, Jianghui; Allen, Richard M.; Hill, Emma Mary
2016Footprints of past earthquakes revealed in the afterslip of the 2010 Mw 7.8 Mentawai tsunami earthquakeFeng, Lujia; Barbot, Sylvain; Hermawan, Iwan; Banerjee, Paramesh; Natawidjaja, Danny H.; Hill, Emma Mary
2017Half-metre sea-level fluctuations on centennial timescales from mid-Holocene corals of Southeast AsiaMeltzner, Aron Jeffrey; Switzer, Adam Douglas; Ashe, Erica; Qiu, Qiang; Hill, David F.; Bradley, Sarah L.; Kopp, Robert E.; Hill, Emma Mary; Majewski, Jędrzej M.; Natawidjaja, Danny Hilman; Suwargadi, Bambang W.; Horton, Benjamin P.
2016Implications of the diffuse deformation of the Indian Ocean lithosphere for slip partitioning of oblique plate convergence in SumatraBradley, Kyle Edward; Feng, Lujia; Hill, Emma Mary; Natawidjaja, D. H.; Sieh, Kerry
2021Measuring coastal absolute sea-level changes using GNSS interferometric reflectometryPeng, Dongju; Feng, Lujia; Larson, Kristine M.; Hill, Emma Mary
2016The mechanism of partial rupture of a locked megathrust: The role of fault morphologyQiu, Qiang; Hill, Emma Mary; Barbot, Sylvain; Hubbard, Judith; Feng, Wanpeng; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Feng, Lujia; Dai, Keren; Samsonov, Sergey V.; Tapponnier, Paul
2015A paleogeodetic record of variable interseismic rates and megathrust coupling at Simeulue Island, SumatraTsang, Louisa Lok Hang; Meltzner, Aron Jeffrey; Hill, Emma Mary; Freymueller, Jeffrey T.; Sieh, Kerry
2017Piecemeal Rupture of the Mentawai Patch, Sumatra : The 2008 Mw 7.2 North Pagai Earthquake SequenceSalman, Rino; Hill, Emma Mary; Feng, Lujia; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Mele Veedu, Deepa; Barbot, Sylvain; Banerjee, Paramesh; Hermawan, Iwan; Natawidjaja, Danny H.
2020Rapid flood and damage mapping using synthetic aperture radar in response to Typhoon Hagibis, JapanTay, Cheryl Wen Jing; Yun, Sang-Ho; Chin, Shi Tong; Bhardwaj, Alok; Jung, Jungkyo; Hill, Emma Mary
2017Sibling earthquakes generated within a persistent rupture barrier on the Sunda megathrust under Simeulue IslandMorgan, Paul M.; Feng, Lujia; Meltzner, Aron Jeffrey; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Tsang, Louisa Lok Hang; Hill, Emma Mary
2016Stochastic filtering for determining gravity variations for decade-long time series of GRACE gravityHill, Emma Mary; Wang, Lei; Davis, James L.; Tamisiea, Mark E.
2018Transient rheology of the Sumatran mantle wedge revealed by a decade of great earthquakesQiu, Qiang; Moore, James Daniel Paul; Barbot, Sylvain; Feng, Lujia; Hill, Emma Mary
2015A unified GPS-based earthquake catalog for the Sumatran plate boundary between 2002 and 2013Feng, Lujia; Hill, Emma Mary; Banerjee, Paramesh; Hermawan, Iwan; Tsang, Louisa L. H.; Natawidjaja, Danny H.; Suwargadi, Bambang W.; Sieh, Kerry