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2000Bi-orthogonal wavelets for compression, denoising and stereo matching of satellite imagesJi, Yanwen
2003Development of digital rights management system for satellite imagesShen, Jun.
1999Development of Q-switched solid-state lasersHo, Anthony Tung Shuen; Lam, Yee Loy; Zhou, Feng
2001E-business model for general insurance businessWong, Winston Wee Weng.
1999Intelligent control of a nitrogen laserTam, Siu Chung; Lee, Sing; Chua, Hock Chuan; Ho, Anthony Tung Shuen
2001Orthogonal and spatial transformations for satellite image compressionWoon, Jeremiah Wee Meng.
2003Rotation invariant watermarking of image and video dataSudhir Kumar Kasargod.
2002Texture features for image classification and retrievalWong, Kee Tung.